Zero Waste Flossing

Zero Waste Flossing

As most of us know, flossing is important for our oral health. While I’d love to be a diligent flosser, I’m one of many people who struggle with it. The plastic associated with it doesn’t help. Overall, flossing doesn’t produce much waste, so if you don’t have access to a low-waste method it’s best to keep flossing as normal. However, if you have the option to and are interested in reducing your floss waste there are lots of great options available.

Compostable Floss

Silk dental floss is an excellent compostable flossing option. In general, silk is a natural fiber and is renewable and biodegradable, but isn’t vegan. There are some other issues with silk being “green,” but silk floss seems to be the best option available right now for compostable floss. I was unable to find any widely-available, compostable vegan floss.

Biodegradable Floss Pick

While not widely available yet, there are sustainable floss picks available. I prefer picks to floss, so this is one way to reduce the waste associated. Those little picks build up fast! Vegan floss picks made from corn starch are available from The Humble Co. The floss is not biodegradable, but the pick will decompose in commercial composting facilities. They are not yet widely available.

Reusable Floss Pick (Handles)

If you’re a floss pick fan who doesn’t want to have picks shipped to you or don’t have access to them, there are reusable floss pick handles. With these, you can use your own floss to reduce waste. If you don’t have access to compostable floss, you can at least not throw away the pick every time, but if you do have compostable floss it’s a zero-waste floss pick solution.


A Waterpik is what I personally use. I love that it’s something I can buy once, eliminating a recurring expense in my life. Aside from that, I find it a lot quicker and easier than flossing. On top of it all, it reduces waste! In my tiny bathroom, I don’t have room for a countertop model, so I have a portable rechargeable model. If you’re looking to go this route, I’d make sure to get an ADA-certified model.

While flossing may be a bit of a hassle, it doesn’t have to be a burden on the planet. With the growing interest in sustainable products, hopefully, more flossing options will become available in the future. I personally am the biggest fan of the Waterpik and the reusable floss holder + compostable floss combo. What’s your favorite flossing solution?

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