What’s in my minimalist closet?

What a minimalist wears in day to day life.

Whenever people see my closet, they are often surprised by how little I keep in it. I used to stuff my closet full of cheap clothes. However, after discovering minimalism I’ve toned down my collection to include only what I really love. In the past, I briefly listed what I owned. However, I wanted to update that list and make it a formal post. Hopefully, this will inspire some of you to think about what clothes really make you feel good!

1. Several black socks

I keep my socks and underwear in a small box on the shelf above my hanging clothes. In one row, I keep several black socks which I wear whenever I go out.

2. Cozy sock collection

I have a very small collection of what I consider my cozy socks. They’re all nice, thick, grey socks. I wear these inside to protect my feet from the cold floor! These go in the other row, along with my underwear.

3. Underwear + Bras

I store my bras on a tiered pants hanger. I have four bras.
-Sports bra
-Wireless Bra
-Black Bra
-Nude Bra

4. Black workout leggings

I have a pair of black workout leggings/pants that I’ve had for years. I wear these if I workout at a gym or outside, but most of the time I just wear them around the house.

5. Black jeans

I wear these jeans when I go out most of the time.

6. Blue jeans

I wear these when I volunteer at the animal shelter, visit my parents, or do any chores. Basically anything I can’t wear past the door due to allergies or germs!

7. Black slacks

I used to wear these for work. Now, I keep them for interviews, workshops, etc. Although I don’t need them often now, they’re a very high-quality pair which I love. I know they’ll come in handy in the future!

8. Black skirt

I have one mid-length black skirt. I don’t wear it often in winter, but in summer it’s what I wear instead of pants to keep cool.

9. Green tank top

I love the dark green, and I have one nice flowy tank top that I wear when it’s warm.

10. Black short sleeved button up

A nice simple shirt, easily dressed up or down.

11. Five white t-shirts

This is what I wear most of the time.

12. Black t-shirt

This too, I can’t recall how I ended up with just one black t-shirt, but it’s the same style as the others.

13. Green long sleeved shirt

A soft, cozy shirt. I wear it inside if it’s chilly, but it’s good for outside too.

14. Long sleeve white button up

The classic white button up. Another one that I don’t wear often, but that comes in handy for interviews and formal occasions.

15. Megasweater – green sweatshirt

This used to be my mothers. It’s much too big for me, but it’s super cozy. It’s what I wear inside 90% of the time. I call it megasweater.

16. Grey sweater

I have two sweaters as I often layer and am very clumsy. This one is lighter, and I wear it in both winter and summer.

17. Green sweater

This one was a gift from my partner and is heavier. It’s perfect for cold weather.

18. Black dress

I have one nice, above-the-knee dress. It was my high school homecoming dress, but I still love it. It’s simple and can be dressed up or down easily.

19. Teal raincoat

I live in the pacific northwest, so this is a must. It’s a light one that can fit over any of my other outerwear, so it works for those weird warm rains and the freezing snow.

20. Black jacket

This is just a light jacket for when there’s a light breeze or if I want to protect myself from the sun.

21. Grey winter jacket + winter gear

This was one of my favorite thrift finds. It’s not bulky, but keeps me super warm and has great pockets. I also, of course, have a winter hat, gloves, and a scarf to avoid freezing!

22. Running shoes

I use these when I exercise!

23. Boots

I have some black boots that I wear everywhere, they’re very high quality and they’ve held up so far.

24. Slippers

Finally, my house slippers. I wear these around the apartment sometimes, and occasionally I wear them to get the mail.

What do you have in your closet?

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