What is Zero Waste?

The zero waste movement continues to gain popularity by the day, as more people become interested in reducing the plastic in their lives. Studies finding many plastics to be unsafe, and the ever-present micro-plastics in our food, bodies, and water help increase interest in ditching plastic as well. Overall though, people are becoming more desperate for solutions as corporations and the government fail to act on climate change with enough force. So, behind all of the different reasons for becoming zero waste, what is zero waste really about?


The main goal of the zero waste movement is easy to understand–produce no waste. Hence the name. This relates to reducing our use of single-use plastics, as well as utilizing better methods of disposing of organic waste (such as food and pet waste). However, those in the movement often avoid plastic altogether, even when recyclable. This ties into another common aim of the movement.


Many in the zero waste community not only desire to produce no trash but reduce their negative impact on the environment as much as possible. For this reason, recyclable plastic is still avoided as much as possible. The recycling of plastic isn’t very energy efficient, so opting for glass or metal is preferable. Community members often extend their efforts to increase the impact of their foods, transportation, etc.

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I think one of the biggest, universal goals of the zero waste movement is to raise awareness about the problems with our flippant use of single-use plastics, the prevalence of disposables, and the need for change. Alongside other issues, most people aim to raise awareness about climate change and how urgent the issue has become.

Of course, there are many individual reasons for people to go zero waste. However, I think these three goals are common to most, if not all, people taking part in the zero waste lifestyle. I hope this helped explain the zero waste movement in a basic way. If you’re zero waste, what inspired you?

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