What's on my Minimalist iPhone

What’s on my Minimalist iPhone

I recently made a blog post about how I cleaned out my phone. I mentioned that I’d discuss the apps on my phone in the future, and here it is! I try to avoid having too many apps on my phone and stick to the essentials that I use on the go or the ones that I need.

I have my phone organized into 5 folders–work, social, cash, health, and misc. The first four are on my home page, while the last folder is on the next page and holds only apps I can’t delete or that I almost never need. Additionally, we, of course, have the dock.


Google Maps

iOS | Android

My second most used app, I use Google Maps to get around and find the fastest bus routes almost every day. I also use it to plan the most efficient driving routes whenever I do have to drive (usually when I’m transporting donations).

Google Chrome

iOS | Android

My browser of choice, I consider it a lot easier to use and faster than safari. I try not to use it, but I use it occasionally to reference recipes or check facts.



My favorite podcast player. It’s smart speed feature, which speeds up pauses by a minuscule amount, has saved me 48 hours to date. I listen to podcasts all the time, and seeing that number is pretty shocking because I often forget that it’s even on! I’ve used Overcast for two years, and I’ve never once actually noticed the speed changes. Additionally, I love the design of it (it’s simple), and the playlist settings work great for me. I highly recommend it if you enjoy podcasts.


iOS | Android

I don’t use Spotify often since I generally prefer to listen to podcasts. However, when listening to music it is my service of choice since it’s quick to find music to match your mood without having to deal with the upkeep of a downloaded music library.




iOS | Android

I use Gmail to communicate with most people in my life–I prefer weekly emails to constant texting, and I only text for specific reasons. I use the app to check in on my personal email, but don’t connect my work or shopping emails.


This is just the built-in clock, but I use it all the time for alarms and timers so it gets to page one status.



I use Bear every day. It’s a super simple, free, attractive notes app. I use it for everything from reminders to recipes to lists. It’s super simple, and I love it.


Canvas Student

iOS  | Android

I rarely use this app, but it’s the app my school uses for classes and assignments. If teachers make last-minute announcements or cancel class, they often send out an alert through this app. I also occasionally use it to check my grades on the go if a test grade is announced while I’m not home.


I’m not in a heavily math-focused major, so I rarely need a real calculator. If I need anything, the built-in one is enough for me!

Focus Keeper


I love this app–it’s a Pomodoro timer. It’s simple, attractive, and free. I use it every time I study, but don’t need it on the first page since my studying is very planned.




Just the built-in texting app. I don’t get many texts since, as I mentioned, I prefer email. However, I still spend quite a bit of time texting making plans and such.


iOS | Android

Habitica is a gamified habit tracker. I enjoy it for the challenges and guilds, which help me socialize with people with similar goals. I enjoy it a lot!


I make phone calls all the time (let’s be real–mostly to my mom), and having the phone quickly accessible is important to me. Aside from that, I try to keep social media apps off my phone so there isn’t too much to fill this folder.



I usually access the camera from the lock screen, and so don’t need quick access to it on the home screen. It’s faster to just close the phone and open the camera there anyways.


I don’t use my phone to store photos, so I mostly access my photos through apps to share a recently-taken photo. Aside from that, I just delete photos so there’s no need for quick access.




iOS | Android

One of my two banking apps. I use two banks as I find that being able to instantly transfer from my savings makes it too easy for me to cheat and take money from it. Instead, I use Chase only for necessary purchases.


I use the Apple Wallet all the time! I think it’s pretty underrated. I use it for all of my rewards programs. I don’t have many, but I have two at pet stores, the hardware store, and Ikea. As someone who’s pretty broke, rewards programs save me money. But I’ll never carry cards, and having them on my phone saves both me and the cashier time. I even use it for my library card!


iOS | Android

The other banking app I use for my savings goals. I love simple, you can set goals and the app will automatically save at the appropriate rate. I don’t make purchases often, but when I do I try to plan it so that I can buy higher quality items. Simple makes that super easy. You can also set regular expenses to help you budget. I find it super useful.


Receipt Hog

iOS | Android

As I mentioned, I’m usually broke as heck and anything helps. This app, along with the next two, allows you to submit your receipts to get rebates and/or earn money for the data via gift cards. I use these to earn a little extra money. Receipt Hog accepts most receipts.


iOS | Android

This is a little different from the other two, you have to search for specific rebates before you take the photos. It’s a little more effort, but there’s usually any item or any brand rebates available. Those are almost always the only ones I use, and I’ve earned about 45 dollars so far.

If you’d like to help me out, you can use my referral code when you sign up. It’s bujwuqd.


iOS | Android

Similar to Receipt Hog, ReceiptPal takes most receipts and you earn gift cards. All of these apps are page-two status as I do a weekly scan of my receipts and never need them aside from that.





Meditation has been super helpful for me, however, I can’t afford an expensive subscription. I love using Oak because it has a great guided introduction to meditation, but also provides free unguided meditations. You can choose background sounds as well as bells to remind you to focus on your breath. It’s a great, simply designed app.

Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout

iOS | Android

High-Intensity workouts have been super helpful for me. Long workouts are great, but I frequently don’t have the time to dedicate to them. I love this workout app, as it (unlike most 7 minute apps) includes a warm-up, and has a nice variety of workouts. It’s totally free, too, which by now you know I love.


iOS | Android

If you haven’t heard of Wisdo, it’s fantastic. It’s a support group app, where there are plenty of super helpful communities. There are groups for everything from acne to mental health. I was skeptical at first, but I found it incredibly helpful. I’ve found support personally in the OCD, depression, anxiety, college, as well as many of the other groups.



iOS | Android

This is an app where you can keep track of your pets’ health needs (vaccines, prescriptions) and health providers. You can also add reminders for tasks. If your providers use the system, you can even set up appointments through the app. I only use this about once a year (assuming everyone is healthy), so I don’t access it much. But it’s super helpful if like me you’ve got a small zoo

Charity Miles

iOS | Android

Charity Miles donates money to charity for the miles you run, walk, or bike–I featured it in this article alongside 6 other free apps and extensions! It’s a great way to do good for free when you have limited resources. I’ve just started a team called Cool it on the Climate Change for people raising money to fight climate change. I personally donate to both Do Something and the National Parks service as they are the two five star rated charities related to my personal goal on the app (according to charity navigator).




Pretty self-explanatory, I access settings all the time to disable notifications, pair with other devices, etc.

App Store

Again, self-explanatory. I only really use the app store to update apps and occasionally find new apps to replace one that I no longer like for whatever reason.


iOS | Android

I try to avoid using Uber as it’s pricey and not super energy efficient. However, having the app downloaded has saved me a few times. I generally use the bus, but I’ve had a few experiences in the less dense areas of the city where I’ve felt unsafe getting back to a stop for whatever reason (read: creepy men). Being able to duck into a store until my Uber arrives is great in that situation, or the few times that I miss the last bus.

If you want to help me out and get your first ride free, you can use my invite code milor299ui.



iOS | Android

I hardly ever open this app, but it is incredibly useful. It allows you to take rewards cards and other cards that aren’t supported by Apple Wallet and add them anyways. I use it for a lot of local stores, and it’s great. I already raved about Apple Wallet, and this app just gives it the last bit of function I needed. You can add three cards for free (which was enough for me), and if you need more it only costs about 2 dollars to get unlimited cards.

Apple Apps

This includes Health, Safari, etc. I don’t use these but can’t uninstall them, so they get contained to page two of misc. Also, Find my iPhone, but that’s a little different!

Google Home

iOS | Android

I don’t have a TV, instead, we have a small projector which we use occasionally to watch a movie or play a game if there are more than two people and we don’t want to crowd a screen. We have a Google Chromecast to help make that easier, and so I need to Google Home app to configure it. I rarely need to use the app, but keep it installed just in case. I do love the Chromecast though, it works perfectly for our setup!

So there you have it! It’s nothing special, but I find these apps are all I need to get through my day to day life. I hope this list was useful for you!

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