How to Make Soap Bars Last Longer

How to Make Soap Bars Last Longer

Bar soap is a zero waste staple. Whether you’re switching from liquid soapsshampoosconditioners, or even sunscreens to bar options, it’s a great step towards a less wasteful lifestyle. When I first switched, I was surprised by how quickly my soap was disappearing! Here are some tips I learned to help my soap last longer in the shower–or the bath.

Cup up soap

Cutting up your soap saves the entire bar from being exposed to the heat and moisture that causes it to melt in the shower. I cut my bars into thirds, and it makes them last much longer

Soap saver bag

Use a soap saver bag for small slices of soap or if you’d like to chop the soap into even smaller chunks, it also helps make the soap last longer if you use the soap in it. If you use soap in it be sure to take it out after so the bag and soap can dry!


Using a soap dish makes a difference, but even more important is the placement in the shower. The farther away from the spray of the shower, the better. Even if you’re in a dorm where you use a public shower, keep the bar as far away from the liquid as possible to slow the decay of the bar.

Soap dish

Using a soap dish allows you to both contain slippery soap and, with the right dish, help your soap last longer by lifting it off of the wet ceramic. Using a suction cup soap dish is one way to help with both location and drainage. Since lots of people living a zero-waste lifestyle have more than one soap bar, double-decker soap dishes are super helpful too.

How to Make Soap Bars Last Longer

Soap lift

Use a soap lift to help lift the soap off the dish/shelf so the bottom can dry. I got mine locally made from recycled plastic! I use one in my soap dish and it works even better.


Keep the bar out of the water for as long as possible. I personally almost never bring the bar under the shower. For my hair, I wet my hair and then wet the bar with my hands outside of the shower stream. For my body, I lather the bar in a rag. When I’m saving, I turn off the water to protect the bar–and save tons of water as a bonus!

For me, anything that stretches the bar longer is helpful for my finances. Aside from that, using less soap is, in theory, better for the planet, even if only marginally. I hope these tips were helpful! Do you have any tips on making bar soap last longer?

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