How Minimalism Saves You Money!

Most people could use more money. Whether it’s paying off student loans or saving more money for retirement, most people desire more. While wanting more isn’t exactly a tenant of minimalism, it’s a reality of life. Minimalism can help with that, even if it’s not the primary goal. Today we’re going to discuss how minimalism can save you money.


In the short term, decluttering can lead to financial gain as you can sell your extra possessions. Rather than putting much energy into fetching the best price–except for particularly expensive items–I offered most of the “sellable” items for much cheaper than you could ever hope to get them anywhere else. For example, nice cat trees for five dollars. This gets it out of your life quickly, still earns you some money, and is a nice deal for the buyer!


Minimalists often experience a shift from valuing objects to valuing experiences and memories. This can lead to a happier life, but also less of a desire for objects and trinkets.


This value shift from objects to experiences leads to significantly less shopping. Regardless of if you experience that shift, minimalism by definition results in less shopping. Obviously, this will save you tons of money!

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By getting rid of your stuff and keeping only what you need and love, you end up with a lot less. This allows you to live in a smaller space than you would otherwise. Instead of needing spare rooms to store your things, you can easily get by in a small apartment or little house. Usually, a bigger place means a bigger price tag so you can save tons of money by living in a smaller space. Additionally, smaller homes usually require less energy to heat and maintain, saving you even more money in the long run.


I’ve talked before about how minimalism often leads to a better understanding of yourself. If money is an important factor in your life right now (as it is for me), it may also lead to self-reflection on your financial habits. While this might not immediately save you money, it can lead to you discovering how you truly spend your money. Even if you don’t think you spend so much on eating out, actually crunching the numbers might shock you!

All of these factors combined make minimalism great for saving money, in addition to the many other benefits. By spending less, spending smarter, and being more aware of our finances we can save tons of money. In the short term, decluttering can earn you extra money to put away in savings or put towards debts. Minimalism is a financial win, for sure.

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