Can Minimalism Help Anxiety?

Anxiety affects many people in our world, including myself. While there are many tactics to conquering or managing anxiety, it’s possible that minimalism may help as well. To be clear, I think that therapy, lifestyle changes where applicable, psychiatry, etc. are the best way to tackle anxiety. However, I think minimalism offers some benefits which may help anxiety as well. Minimalism has certainly helped me with my anxiety.

Less Overwhelm

While for me minimalism was initially about stuff, it eventually became part of my mindset. Minimalism led to self-reflection, a deeper understanding of myself, and gave me the confidence to say no to things. More specifically, this helped my anxiety as I learned to say no to events without feeling so anxious or guilty. It led me to understand which things triggered my anxiety and overall led me to be able to make life less overwhelming for myself and reduce my stress.


If finances contribute to your anxiety as they do mine, then the financial benefits of minimalism will help you reach financial freedom. I’ve covered the financial benefits in more detail in the past, but to summarize it minimalism leads to spending less money shopping, more financial awareness, and financial gain when selling objects you declutter, in most cases. This can help relieve financial stress.

Less Clutter = More Relaxing

I don’t know about you, but when my space is messy and cluttered it makes me feel worse. I tend to get overwhelmed with things I see that I need to do–laundry, dishes, get dressed, pick up the floor, etc. Having less stuff both makes it easier to clean, saving you time and making those tasks easier and helps keep your space clear and less overwhelming.

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While this may not be true for everyone, for me minimalism eventually turned internal for me. As I learned to take better care of my things so that they’d last longer, I also tried to take better care of myself. Eventually, it lead me to mindfulness and meditation, which helped me tons with my anxiety (alongside therapy and medication)

Hopefully, minimalism has been helpful for your mental health journey too. Although minimalism is by no means a cure or a treatment, it may provide helpful benefits to those dealing with anxiety. Have you experienced any mental health benefits from minimalism?

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