Book Review: Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

This book was one of my first introductions to the zero waste lifestyle, back when there wasn’t much literature on the topic. Now that the literature is expanding, I plan to review some of it–as well as other environmental documentaries and books. That being said, let’s get into Zero Waste Home.

Zero Waste Home claims that it is “The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste.” Bea Johnson provides an overview of the zero waste lifestyle, before going into various chapters. Each chapter corresponds with a different area, from “Kitchen and Grocery Shopping” to “Holidays and Gifts.” I think this organization structure is excellent and was extremely helpful to me starting out.

Each chapter contains a combination of advice, simple swaps, tips, and recipes to help you reduce the waste in your life. Particularly helpful to me was the “Compost Types Comparison Tool” which includes information on different methods–for example, whether you can compost pet waste, meat, etc. It also provides information on the cost, difficulty, odor, and speed, alongside other information. I found it incredibly insightful.

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Frankly, I think the book lives up to its claims. It has advice on nearly every major topic, with other advice on everything from making your own ketchup to binding recycled paper notebooks, and even advice on advocacy. While no single book can possibly cover everything, I think this book is by far the best introductory book I’ve read so far, and it’ll help anyone drastically reduce your waste.

In conclusion, this book is great. It fully lives up to its own claims, as well as its reputation. It’s packed full of everything from useful charts, recipes, instructions, and advice on nearly everything you could hope to know. With a comprehensive index, it’s a fantastic reference book. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a starting place.

Find it here.

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