Milo Rusnak

I discovered many of my passions in my last years of high school, while simultaneously completing my Associate’s degree as part of the Running Start program. I was taking that running start, but into an uncertain future. Up until then I didn’t really know when I was passionate about at all. Of course, I had interests. But that’s not the same. Thanks to the journey I took during those years–seeking treatment for my mental health, focusing on myself, and generally growing–I’ve discovered my biggest passions in life.


After some self-exploration, I realized that I wasn’t on the path I wanted. In the past, I provided tarot readings and blogged about the subject as Tarot Treat. That didn’t last long, though. I quickly became burnt out. I was putting on a facade, and continuing to try and find joy in a hobby that I no longer liked much at all. That lead to my first big declutter–I got rid of all of my crystals, tarot decks, and other mystical items I no longer enjoyed. It felt amazing. I just kept going after that, and I’ve been passionate about not keeping objects around that I don’t love ever since.

Aside from the physical space benefits, minimalism also provided many mental health benefits. Over time, it lead to a general practice of self improvement, mindfulness, and awareness. I hope to continue growing and exploring how minimalism helps me, as well as continuing to develop as a person in general.

Zero Waste

After minimizing my life, I began to notice how much I threw away. I’d taken bags and bags of trash to the bin, plus donating tons of my old stuff. Eventually, I came across the book Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. It exposed me to the lifestyle. I’ve cared about the environment for a long time, supporting environmental causes and policies. However, I’d never taken steps to address my own impact before. My discovery happened just a few months before I moved out of my parent’s home for the first time, and it was a perfect time to jump into it.

Acting on my beliefs and practicing what I preach has been huge for me. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to reduce my waste, and of the work I’ve done to educate others. I enjoy researching topics to learn more about how you and I can reduce our impact on the planet to create a brighter future. I’ve since started eating primarily vegan, and I continue to learn about our climate crisis.

Pet Care

I’ve always loved animals, ever since I was young. I used to want to be a vet, but at the time felt I couldn’t handle the death associated with the field. I was only a kid, after all. In late middle school, I had my first serious hamster. His name was Mar, and I loved him so much. After his death, I didn’t get another hamster for some time. Then I met Fiji, and my love for hamsters was rekindled. I’ve kept them ever since, so I’ve been keeping them quite a while! I’m passionate about their care. I want to improve the standards for keeping hamsters in the United States, because currently they are abysmal!

Rediscovering my love of hamsters helped me rediscover my true passion for animals. In the long run, it eventually led me to realize I wanted to work with them. I’m currently working towards becoming a vet tech, and in the meantime walk/sit pets, volunteer at the humane society, and learn everything about animals I can.

Caring for them is my number one priority in life. I feel strongly about preventative care for animals, and enjoy pampering my pets. I build my hamsters a custom cage, and the most expensive piece of furniture I own is my cat tree.

Above you can see most of my pets–excluding childhood pets and fish. My current family includes Mugi, Smudge, and my cat, Dean. I also have a small aquarium stocked with a betta, neon tetras, and ghost shrimp.